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1. JJ (team Art and JJ) says that
the other teams don%27t like them, they compete aggressively, they don%27t need the money as much as the other teams do,
2. At the counter, Bopper suggests
Rachel and Dave will be Eliminated soon, they will reach the final stage with Rachel and Dave, they will dominate season 20 of The Amazing Race,
3. The last team to arrive is
they can buy the tickets quite easily, they find out the first flight has been cancelled, they can only get stand by tickets,
4. In the stacked up detour, teams must
teachers because teachers are nice, kindergarten teachers because kindergarten teachers are even nicer, they are federal agents,
5. Phil (the show host) tells Rachel and Dave that this is the first time that
throwing somebody out of the plane so that THEY can be on the plane , kicking other teams out so that THEY can be on the plane, buying tickets from other passengers so that THEY can be on the plane computer assisted language learning ,
6. When the teams arrive at the airport,
on a slide, in a grill, hanging from a swing,
7. Nari and Jamie have told the other teams that they are
stack watermelons up at random to form a pyramid, stack watermelons up in a 10 by 10 pyramid, take the watermelons to a market ,
8. Rachel and Dave don%27t finish the detour because
Rachel and Dave, Bopper and Mark, Art and JJ,
9. Bopper and Mark are amused because they told the Mississippi girls that
the detour was easy, they had already finished the detour task, they were the fourth team to arrive at the detour,
10. In the third leg of the race, teams must travel to
1 hour penalty, 2 hours penalty online learning games , 3 hours penalty,
11. The first team to arrive wins a trip for two to
Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas print quizzes ,
12. Dave (team Rachel and Dave) says that they can be a target because
they prefer to take the penalty instead of wasting time doing a task, they use their express pass not to waste time doing a task, Rachel has an accident,
13. In the Road Block task, teams must dance with a bottle on their heads. If they don%27t complete the task, they get
a team which got a penalty stays in the race, they have been eliminated, they cannot avoid another task during the race,
14. The first team to finish the detour is
Vanessa and Ralph, Rachel and Dave, Elliot and Andrew,