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Age of Exploration

Write the correct name or term. There are NO spaces between words in the puzzle. The following words will be used: Astrolabe Caravel Colonization Compass England exploration Glory Isabella Latitude Prince Henry Seven

Crossword hints:
Term that means one country controls another area, mainly to make money., Term that means the act of traveling to an unfamiliar area in order to learn more about it., This is an instrument used by sailors to determine their location by using the position ot the stars and planets., Two important leaders from Spain during this time were Ferdinand and THIS person., This is a device that uses magnetism to show directions., Number of continents in the world., Known as %22The Navigator%22 this man wanted to improve Portugal%27s navy., This was a new ship developed by Portugal., Three reasons people explored new lands were gold, god, and THIS word., This is an imaginary line running east and west around the Earth., France and THIS country competed for land in Europe.,

Crossword words: