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Talking about sports (copy)

1. Radfahren
to cycle, to hit, to throw, goggles
2. tauchen
to dive class website , to hit, diver, pitch
3. Leichtatletik
athletics, stadium, to score, bat
4. Gymnastik
gymnastics, to catch, amateur, weight-lifter
5. schlagen, besiegen
to beat, umpire, diver, spectators
6. fangen
to catch prepare quiz , pitch, to dive, gymnastics
7. schlagen (treffen)
to hit grading , team, to practise, to score
8. treten
to kick, weight-lifter, racket, pitch
9. verlieren
to lose, to pass, to score, court
10. distance learning verpassen, vorbei schlagen
to miss, skiing, weight-lifter, gymnastics
11. passen
to pass online quizzes , to throw, to miss, to practise
12. üben
to practise, rink, to beat, to kick
13. ein Rennen machen
to race, to miss, amateur, court
14. punkten
to score, diver, to dive, cyclist
15. werfen
to throw, to dive, amateur, athletics
16. Radfahrer
cyclist, court, umpire, to hit
17. Taucher
diver, referee, court, to score
18. Gewichtheber
weight-lifter, cyclist, to catch, saddle
19. Amateur, Laie, Anfänger
amateur, hockey stick, professional, racket
20. Profi, Berufssportler
professional, racket, to dive, stadium
21. Schiedsrichter
referee improve results , to catch, to practise, to kick
22. Schiedrichter beim Tenis
umpire, to dive, weight-lifter, cyclist
23. Zuschauer
spectators, to practise, to cycle, to score
24. Mannschaft
team create online activities , goggles, athletics, saddle
25. Trillerpfeife
whistle, rink, spectators, stadium
26. Schläger (Baseball)
bat, goggles, to kick, gymnastics
27. Hockeyschläger
hockey stick, to score, to catch, weight-lifter
28. Tennisschläger
racket, to race, umpire, whistle
29. Schwimmbrille
goggles, to hit, to race, to kick
30. Sattel
saddle, gym, gymnastics, to pass
31. ESL Fußballfeld
pitch, rink, to pass, spectators
32. Eisbahn
rink, athletics, to race, to beat
33. Stadion
stadium, amateur, whistle, to catch
34. Tennisplatz
court, stadium, diver, to lose
35. Turnhalle
gym, hockey stick, to practise, rink