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The Amazing Race is a race around the world. But it%27s not an ordinary race. The participants must perform different tasks and the quicker they do them, the faster they can advance in the race. As they perform the tasks successfully, they get a new clue that will take them to next step. This race involves courage, physical strengh, intelligence and... good fortune. The prize is US$1,000,000. Are you ready to race the race? The 11 teams are: 1) Dave and Cherie: married clowns, from Florida 2) Bopper and Mark: friends from Kentucky 3) Misa and Maiya: sisters from California 4) Brendon and Rachel: engaged and former Big Brother participants, California 5) Joey %22Fitness%22 and Danny: friends, trainer and club promoter, NY 6) Nary and Jamie: federal agents, California 7) Rachel and Dave: army wife and combat pilot, Wisconsin 8) Elliott and Andrew: twins, musician and pro soccer player, Arizona 9) Kerri and Stacey: cousins, Mississippi 10) Vanessa and Ralph: dating divorcees, Texas 11) Art and JJ: border patrol agents. Which team will win the first leg? Which team will be last?

1. The race begins in:
10, 11, 12,
2. The last team to get a clue is:
a car, an express pass (a pass/card that allows a team to move forward without completing a task) multiple choice questions , money,
3. The last teams make two blunders (tick two boxes):
search for the 2nd clue in the car, get a car to continue racing, push a car as fast as possible,
4. The Road Block involves:
Argentina, Brazil, Canada,
5. In the empanada contest, participants must make:
Brendon and Rachel, Bopper and Mark, Misa and Maiya,
6. The winners of the first leg will win:
she misses her family, she%27s afraid, she hasn%27t seen the other teams for a long time ESL ,
7. The first country they will visit is:
1 member skydiving, 1 member driving a car to meet at the X spot, 1 member skydiving, 1 member waiting at the airport, 2 members skydiving,
8. In this race there are # legs (=stages, steps)
Catamarca, Calafate, Cafayate,
9. After the teams find the first clue in the balloons, they have to:
1 participant doesn%27t know how to use the gear stick, 1 participant crashes the car, 1 participant gets stuck in the sand,
10. Cherie cries in the car because:
120 empanadas, 60 meat, 60 humita, 120 empanadas, 60 meat, 60 cheese, 120 empanadas, 60 cheese, 60 humita,
11. The next clue says that they have to go to:
she wants the money, to show her children you can overcome your fears, the instructor convinced her save time ,
12. Stacey is afraid of jumping, but she does it because:
they only make one type of empanada, they don%27t see Phil (the show host) standing on the mat where they have to check in, they leave their backpacks in the car,