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Exploration and Colonization!

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one country controls another for money, the behavior and beliefs of a country or group of people, Began in 1400s when countries sent explorers from Europe, the area of the Americas that was explored, something that is a souce of honor, praise or fame, device that uses magnetism to show direction with a needle, technology that uses the stars to tell the location of a ship, imaginary lines that are seen on a map going east or west active teaching , one of the main 7 land masses of the globe assess performance , Leaders who encouraged Spain to explore other countries, an area of land that is controlled by another country, Leader of Portugal, known as the Navigator, technology that allowed for greater speed, captain can steer multiple choice questions , to travel to an unfamiliar are to learn more about it, also known as the New World, (America and Canada), A flat drawing showing a place or parts of the world,