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Switch 3 %27Too / enough b%27

1. ESL I don%27t like the weather here. There%27s ___ rain
too much create online activities , too, too many, enough
2. I can%27t wait for them any longer. I don%27t have ___ time.
not enough, enough results , too many, many
3. There was nowhere to park in the town. There were ___ cars.
too many, too much, enough, not enough.
4. You%27re always tired. I think you don%27t sleep ___.
too many, enough, not enough, too much
5. %27Did you have ___ to eat? %27Yes, thank you.%27
too much, enough, too many, not enough
6. You drink ___ coffee. It%27s not good for you.
too much, too many, not enough, enough
7. You don%27t eat ___ vegetables. You should eat more.
too many, too much, enough, not enough
8. I can%27t call him now. I%27m ___ busy.
enough, too much, too, not enough
9. Our team didn%27t play very well. We made ___ mistakes.
too many, too much, enough, too