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Marking Period 1 Lit. term review 2

1. All stories have a resolution
main characters and events itemized in chronological order, identify the main idea of a story, determining the climax of a story,
2. summary
3. resolution
to clarify the main idea of a story, to summarize key story details and itemize the plot, to form your own opinion about what you read,
4. rising action
to resolve conflicts in a story, conflicts or problems that lead to the climax, to introduce the story setting, tone, and main characters,
5. exposition
what a character says, what other characters say about a character, a problem or conflict within a character class web page ,
6. Pick 2. characterization
TRUE, FALSE online quizzes , ,
7. to clarify what you read, readers stop and identify key points and details
brief stories that focus on a single problem or conflict, a longer work of fiction with a complicated plot, stories usually set in the future with unknown inventions,
8. evaluate
moves the story plot forward, conflicts or problems the main character has with another character, introduces the setting, tone, and characters,
9. short story fiction
the final action or end of the story, when the main conflict is fixed and the reader has a sense of relief, the turning point in the action,