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English Grammar MCQ Supplement 1

Read the question carefully. Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. The Ultimate Log Ride was ______________ an exciting experience _________________ I pleaded mother to let us ride it again.
like, likes, liked, is liking,
2. I heard the _________ of the laser gun when he shot it at my attacker.
have, might, could, should,
3. I _________ already __________ my homework.
I, me, mine, myself,
4. This pair of scissors ___________ to my mother! How dare you try to steal it!
buzz, buzzes, buzzing create online quizzes , being buzzed,
5. Mary took ___________ weeks before recovering fully from the infection.
off, out, down, away,
6. John is as clumsy as _______________.
has...finished, had...finished, have...finished, having...finished,
7. None of the students __________ to have extra lessons during the coming school holidays.
belong, belongs, belonged, belonging,
8. Neither Leslie nor his sister ________________ reading.
want, wants, wanted, wanting,
9. The animals will die ______________ and become extinct if we continue to hunt them incessantly.
as...that, so...that learning , more...that online activities , such...that,