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Switch 3 %27Too / enough a%27

Choose the correct answer.

1. %27Would you like some more to eat?%27 %27No, thanks. I%27ve had ___.%27
loud enough, loud too, enough loud,
2. Tina is very thin. She doesn%27t ___.
old enough, young enough, too young improve results ,
3. He can leave school if he wants - he%27s ___.
too time, time enough, enough time,
4. Is there ___ in your coffee?
small enough, big enough, enough big,
5. Don%27t buy that coat. It%27s nice but it isn%27t ___.
eat enough, enough eat, eat too,
6. Did you have ___ to answer all the questions in the exam?
enough fruit, fruit enough, too fruit online learning games ,
7. You don%27t eat ___. You should eat more - it%27s good for you.
enough long, too long, long enough,
8. Can you hear the radio? Is it ___ for you?
too, enough, not enough,
9. This house isn%27t ___ for a large family.
tired enough, enough tired, too tired,