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Chapter 4

1. How can you specify a text pattern that must be at the beginning of a line of text using a regular expression?
TRUE, FALSE class page , ,
2. A user typed in the command pwd and saw the output: /home/jim/sales/pending. How could that user navigate to the /home/jim directory?
Home/resume, c:myfolder esume, resume, /home/resume,
3. The vi editor can function in which two of the following modes? (Choose both that apply.)
enable proprietary custom-built devices to work with Linux, represent hardware devices such as hard disk drives and ports, keep a list of device settings specific to each individual user, do nothing in Linux,
4. After typing the ls –F command, you notice a filename that ends with an * asterisk character. What does this mean?
cd .., cd /home/mary/etc, cd etc, cd /etc,
5. Which of the following is an absolute pathname? (Choose all that apply.)
It is a binary file, It is a system file., It is a file in the current directory., It is a hidden file.,
6. The less command offers less functionality than the more command. True or False?
It is a hidden file., It is a linked file., It is a special device file. web 2.0 , It is an executable file.,
7. What will the following wildcard regular expression return: file[a-c]?
a. text, b. command, c. input, e. insert,
8. If resume is the name of a file in the home directory off the root of the filesystem and your present working directory is home, what is the relative name for the file named resume?
TRUE, FALSE learning , ,
9. Using wildcard metacharacters, how can you indicate a character that is NOT an a or b or c or d?
text, strings, od, less,
10. 16. The tac command _________.
Press the Ctrl%2bAlt%2bDel keys simultaneously, Press the Del key., Type in a : character., Press the Esc key.,
11. Linux has only one root directory per directory tree. True or False?
a. /home/resume, b. /resume, c. resume, d. home esume,
12. A directory is a type of file. True or False?
filea-c, filea, filec, filea, fileb, filec, fileabc,
13. A user types in the command head /letter/mary. What will be displayed to the terminal screen?
quit as no changes were made, quit after saving any changes, nothing as the ! is a metacharacter, quit without saving any changes,
14. A special device file is used to ___________.
the first line of the file mary, the header for the file mary, the first 20 lines of the file mary distance learning , the first 10 lines of the file mary,
15. How can a user switch from insert mode to command mode when using the vi editor?
is not a valid Linux command, displays the contents of hidden files ESL , displays the contents of a file in reverse order last word on the line first and first word on the line last, displays the contents of a file in reverse order last line first and first line last,
16. What will typing q! at the : prompt in command mode do when using the vi editor?
Precede the string with a /., Follow the string with a ., Precede the string with a $., Precede the string with a ^.,
17. Which command would a user type on the command line to find out what directory in the directory tree he is currently in?
18. Which command searches for and displays any text contents of a binary file?
[^abcd], not [a-d] interactive , [!a-d], !a-d,
19. After typing the ls –a command, you notice that there is a file whose filename begins with a dot ( . ). What does this mean?
cd .., cd /jim, cd ../.., cd ./.,