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NT Lesson 1: Review

Physical, Network, Internet Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) online education , Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Server Message Block (SMB), Datalink, Ethernet, Application, Session, Presentation, Transport, Network File System (NFS), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), Post Office Protoco 3 (POP 3), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP),

Layer 7 of the OSI / RM tool for teachers , Used to send e-mail messages, Layer 4 of the OSI / RM create online quizzes , Allows files to be shared on a Microsoft network, Routes packets in any network running TCP / IP, Allows files %26 printers to be shared on a UNIX network quiz , Layer 3 of the OSI / RM, Use to interconnect Web pages, Allows clients to log onto a remote server %26 obtain e-mail messges educational activities , Layer 5 of the OSI / RM, Provides reliable delivery and manages sessions, Layer 2 of the OSI / RM , Created by Xerox, this is the most popular Ethernet technolo, Layer 1 of the OSI / RM, Layer 6 of the OSI / RM distant learning , Clients can access %26 manage e-mails without downloa,