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Spanish 2 - sp 1 verb review pt 1

aburrir, faltar, deber, correr, lloviznar english , nadar, cantar, desayunar, llamarse, viajar, tomar el sol, enseñar, mirar, escuchar, necesitar, quedarse, pasear, tomar, quitarse, quedar save time , cenar, beber, trabajar, esperar, regresar, contestar, asistir, maquillarse, buscar distance learning , terminar, compartir, lavarse, preguntar, caminar, preocuparse, desear, bailar, leer results , afeitarse, llegar, bañarse, creer, escribir ESL , cepillarse class website , tocar, aprender, vivir, llevar, comprar, peinarse, abrir, levantarse, hablar, importar class web page , encantar, ducharse educational games , dibujar, gustar, descansar, esquiar, enojarse, pasar tiempo, secarse, montar,

to look for online activities , to write, to play an instrument, touch, to worry, to read, to learn, to stroll, walk, to work, to sunbathe quiz builder , to bathe, to buy, to answer, to draw assess performance , to swim, to fit, be left over, to eat breakfast, to arrive, to share web tool , to need distance learning , to think, believe, to take off, to be important, to matter, to ask a question, to like, to shower, to spend time crossword maker , to shave, to put on makeup, to get up, to live, to be called, named, to talk, speak, to sing, to get angry, to love a thing, to drink, to take, drink, to ride, to drizzle, to run, to end, finish, to danceweb page, should, to bore, to dry distance learning , to watch, look at, to wait, hope, to lack, to brush, to wear, carry, to listen, to desire, want, to walk, to open, to travel, to stay, to ski, to eat dinner, to attend, to rest, to return, to wash, to teach, to comb build your own quiz ,