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Exam Quiz Review Preventive health Promotion

1. The Holmes-Rahe Scale is
a rating system to look at factors leading to stress, is a scale to assess hardiness, is an entrance criteria for Everest, the twelve phases of stress that lead to vigilance reaction
2. Job Burnout is not related to
the loss of meaning test , from loss of personal control and meaning in ones work, from being in a helping profession, having to deal with hard to serve clients
3. What is the key to handling job stress?
turning distress into eustress, being well paid, finding a career that creates little stress, talking circles
4. The definition of anger is
a temporary emotion, not a primary emotion, combines physiological arousal with emotional arousal, all of the above
5. help students assimilate material The causes for hostility are
derived from learing often from your experiences from childhood , high blood pressure and accelerated heart rate, facing the situation early that is causing anger, none of the above
6. class website If one bottles up anger it can lead to
heart disease, cancer, ulcers. migraines, 10 years off your life, and hair loss, optical nerve damage, heart murmurs, addiction, Chlyamdia, Hepatitis C and COPD
7. Healthy expression of anger is best dealt with by one of the following
face the situation early, use a punching bag and get it all out physically, keep it inside until you can calm yourself down enough, Try to think of other things and tell yourself that you aren%27t mad
8. What should you tell your client to do if anger is a problem from them?
meditate, listen to music, practice forgiveness, take a pause- deep breath, all of the above
9. Four common sources of worry for people are
marriage, death, school, and relationships, family, job, health, and finances, marriage, money, death, family, performance, safety, school and finances
10. Fear is an escalation of worry. It is characterized by
a flood of epinephrine, also called adrenaline, a flood of serotonin from the adrenal gland, a flood of epinephrine that works on the para sympathetic nervous syste, none of the above
11. The cause of depression is attributable to
a mood disorder triggered by a decrease in dopamine, no known cause or cure, genetic brain chemistry and repeated negative experiences, a traumatic childhood event
12. Characteristics of depression which works on our limbic system which controls mood and arousal are
disturbance of mood, eating disorders, sleep disruptions, feels of worthlessness and suicidal ideation matching excercise , A and B, none of the above
13. The following is not a characteristic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
overcleaning, saving things, occasionally checking things, eating disorders
14. People with insomnia have a high rate of depression by
35 times, 20 times, 25 times, 55 times
15. Behavioural strategies for treating insomnia include
stimulus control, paradoxical intention and exercise, medications, counselling and relaxation methods, sleep restriction, melatonin and repair and restoration, Insomnia can not be treated behaviourally as it is physiological
16. Which of the following is not a good health bet?
make your needs known, join a course or a group, exercise, 42%25 of your free time should be time alone to relax and think
17. What are Kubler-Ross%27 stages of grief and in what order do many people move through them?
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, hope, denial, frustration, shopping, crying, acceptance, moving on, depression, anger, bargaining, denial, acceptance and hope, anger, denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance. hope
18. There are a number of things to help ease the grieving process and reduce illness, what are they?
regular exercise, attitude, healthy fluid intake, a glass of red wine, a good book, time to reflect and remember alone, a balanced diet, meditation, relaxation response, grief is inevitable, only bereavement can be helped
19. Instrinsic religion is
deeply God- Centred, Comes from an internal belief that focuses on self, A religion that was developed for the refinement of self-discovery, Associated with ritual-practice elements
20. quiz generator The aspects of spiritual health are
brings into focus a meaning, based on ind. perceptions online activities , unifying force that integrates other dimensions , has capacity to be a common bond between individuals, all of the above
21. Dwight Wolter%27s tools of forgiveness do not include
admit that past cannot be undone, place blame where it belongs, let go of your unforgiving stance, talk about issues as they come
22. If you are an optimist you would
believe that the future will be hard to get to, approach the world in a cautious, and thoughtful way, have many positive qualities like hardiness and self-efficacy, you would withdrawal from problems to keep your happy outlok
23. The difference between external and internal locus of control is
external tries to control environment and their behaviour, internal believes that internal world is untouchable and never effected interactive , external sees problems based on environment instead of own actions, none of the above
24. Total wellness experienced by the mind and emotions is supported by
good nutrition, parasympathetic nervous system, amino acids, good metabolism
25. online quizzes Body Mass Index determines obesity if a persons height and weight exceed a BMI of
35, 30, 25, 40
26. The second brain is another name for
the big toe, the liver, the spinal cord, GI tract
27. Italy is a country in what region of healthy diets
Mediterrean, European, Asian, Middle Eastern
28. The lessons we have learned from cancer studies tell us that a good prognosis is linked to
personal control, connectedness online quizzes , expressing distressed feelins, all of the above
29. Core values that are universal in healthy people are
love, free will, integrity and independence, caring love, growth, control, and responsible free will, caring love, responsible free will, integrity and growth, caring love, personal control, internal locus of control and growth
30. active teaching If you want to pass this exam with a personal best you should
just do this quiz because all areas are adequately covered, complete this test until 100%25 accuracy and skip over review, sleep, get lots of sunshine, watch some tv and meditate, do this test, review all quizzes, study really hard, breath and focus