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Chapter 3

1. What equivalent to the man command generally provides an easier-to-read description of the queried command and also contains links to other related information?
Who, man Help, man -descriptive, info,
2. If you are planning to install 2.3Gb of packages when installing your Linux server, how much free space should you have on your hard disk to create the necessary filesystems?
shutdown -c, shutdown -r, down, halt,
3. Which prompt does the root user receive when logged in to the system?
find keyword, man keyword, apropos keyword school , appaloosa keyword,
4. The Red Hat Fedora installation can be performed in which two of the following modes?
text, full, subtext learning , graphical,
5. Which of the following packages can be used to standardize configuration files across Linux systems?
6. When sitting at a computer running Linux, what key combination is pressed to open the graphical terminal?
erase, clean, blank, clear,
7. Which command blanks the terminal screen erasing previously displayed output?
Ctrl%2bAlt%2bF1, Ctrl%2bAlt%2b7 web tool , Ctrl%2bAlt%2bF7 interactive , Ctrl%2b7,
8. What command is equivalent to the man –k keyword command?
GUID, shell, text box, command screen,
9. Users enter commands directly to the kernel of the Linux operating system. True or False?
10. What command can you use to safely shut down the Linux system immediately?
Precede it with a /., Follow it with a ., Precede it with a $., Precede it with a .,
11. Which boot loader is available to choose from during the installation of Red Hat Fedora?
man –k flush, man –k find all, man flush, man –key flush,
12. Linux commands entered via the command line are not case sensitive. True or False?
finger, who, id, date,
13. Which installation screen only appears if certain hardware is detected by the installation program?
Samba, Apache, NIS online learning games , NFS,
14. How can you protect a metacharacter (such as the $ character) from shell interpretation?
$, #, @ class web page , !,
15. Which command displays the users who are currently logged in to the Linux system?
$, @, # online activities , !,
16. 1. What is the default shell in Linux called?
firewall configuration, network configuration, boot loader configuration interactive , X Windows customization,
17. Which prompt do regular users receive when logged in to the system?
/, /boot, swap, /home,
18. You know a Linux command will perform a desired function for you, but you cannot remember the full name of the command. You do remember it will flush a variable from your system. Which command typed at a command prompt displays a list of commands that would likely contain the command you desire?
2.3Gb, 3 Gb, 3.5 Gb, 4.6 Gb,
19. After a user logs in to a terminal, he receives a user interface called a _________.
Lilo, About, Grub, Tex,