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Digital Licence

1. At school, I need to keep my device
The same as your best friend%27s password, Private and not easily copied, Very long and complicated, Simple and easy to remember,
2. If you are working on your device and accidentally open an inappropriate site, you should
Swearing or bad language, Nasty things about other people, Links to inappropriate websites, Insults,
3. My parents and I have established rules as to what I can do on the internet when I%27m home, but I%27m at a friend%27s house. Should I go by my parents%27 rules or do whatever my friend does?
Open the email to see what the person wants, Reply to the email to tell the person you don’t know them, Delete the email,
4. An effective learner
Say yes and offer to meet them in a public place, Tell a trusted adult about it, Ignore the message,
5. When researching on the internet for a school assignment, it is
Continue to stay online to see what happens, Not contribute to the conversation and hope the person stops, Use bad language in return, Log out of the chat room and tell your parents what happened,
6. My device should be (select all that apply):
Your full name and address, Your initials and postcode, Your first name and age only, An alias and never disclose personal information,
7. If you are being bullied online, you should
11, 12, 13, 14,
8. When creating your own password, it should be
Just ignore it, Bully them back, Tell your parents/teacher, Change your email details,
9. How old do you have to be to open a Facebook account?
In your bedroom, In a common area, In mum and dad%27s room, In the study,
10. Which of the following could result in you losing your Digital Licence? (Select all that apply.)
Ok to copy and paste bits of text into your assignment, Ok to copy sentences if you change a word, Ok to copy chunks if you put the webpage into your List of References, Not ok to copy and paste text - this is plagiarism which is illegal,
11. As a Year 6 student at CGGS, I am allowed to bring in a device (laptop/tablet/ipad etc)
Go by your parents%27 rules and abide by any extra %27house%27 rules, Do whatever your friend does, Pretend you have no rules,
12. When you are online you should always use
In my locker, In my desk school , In the pod, Under my chair,
13. You are in an online chat room and someone starts asking inappropriate questions or uses bad language. You should
To chat to my friends, For school based work only computer assisted language learning , To play online games, To download my favourite songs,
14. At recess and lunch, my device should be
With me at all times, In my desk, inside my locked classroom, In my locker,
15. A %27digital citizen%27 uses the internet to: (select all that apply)
Clearly named, The latest model, Fully charged before I come to school each day, Brought to school in a suitable bag/cover,
16. You receive an email from someone you don’t know with the subject line ‘hello’. What should you do?
Sending spam emails, Using another student%27s device without their permission, Chatting to friends online during class time. , Sending inappropriate emails/messages to other students,
17. When at school, I am to use my device
Show it to your friends, Continue to explore the site, Shut it down, Shut it down but immediately tell your teacher,
18. The best place to have your computer or use a mobile device at home is
Spends all their time on their device or computer, Never uses a computer or device because they are dangerous, Balances their time between being online, playing outside and spending time with friends and family interactive ,
19. Which of the following should never appear in an email?
Once I have pased my Digital Licence test, Only on Fridays, Once I have passed my Digital Licence and my parents have submitted the online permission form, If my friend does,