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Chapter 1

1. Which of the following are characteristics of Open Source Software? (Choose all that apply.)
2. A production kernel refers to a kernel whose:
production, stable, multiuser, multitasking, processing, operating, large, useful,
3. Many types of software are available today. Which type of software does Linux represent?
when you need to have support in Linux for new hardware, when you need another user interface, when you need to increase the stability of Linux, when you need to use kernel modules,
4. Which of the following can be used on Linux to provide file and print services?
2.3.4, 2.5.5, 2.2.7, 2.4.4,
5. Linux was developed by __________ to resemble the _________ operating system.
closed source software, Open Source Software, freeware, shareware,
6. Who formed the Free Software Foundation to promote open development?
revision number is even, minor number is odd, major number is odd, minor number is even,
7. When the core components of the Linux operating system are packaged together with other Open Source Software, it is called a
The value of the software is directly related to its price., The software is developed collaboratively. grading , The source code for software is available for a small fee. school , Any bugs are fixed quickly.,
8. Linux is a ___________ and ___________ operating system.
open license, artistic license, GNU Public License, free source license,
9. What is the most common open source Web server available for Linux?
Linux software is unlikely to become abandoned by its developers., Linux is secure and has a lower total cost of ownership than other operating systems., Linux is widely available for many platforms and supports many programming languages., Most Linux software is closed source.,
10. To which license does Linux adhere?
HOWTO documents at , A local Linux User Group, Internet newsgroups, all the above,
11. The core component of the Linux operating system is the Linux kernel. If you were a Linux systems administrator for a company, when would you need to upgrade your Linux kernel? (Choose all that apply.)
Dennis Ritchie, Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Ken Thompson,
12. Which two people are accredited with creating the UNIX operating system? (Choose two answers.)
Dennie Ritchie, Richard Stallman prepare quiz , Linus Torvalds, Ken Thompson,
13. 1. Every computer consists of physical components and logical components. The logical components of a computer that understand how to work with the physical components are referred to as:
the hacker culture, the MIT culture educational activities , the cracker culture, the Artificial Intelligence culture,
14. Which culture embraced the term GNU (GNU’s Not UNIX) and laid the free software groundwork for Linux?
Linus Torvalds, MINIX, Linux Torvalds, GNU, Richard Stallman, GNU, Richard Stallman, MINIX,
15. Which of the following kernels are developmental kernels? (Choose all that apply.)
new kernel, new platform, Linux distribution, GNU Project,
16. Which of the following are factors that determine which Linux distribution a user will use? (Choose all that apply.)
17. What are some good reasons for using Linux in a corporate environment? (Choose all that apply.)
package manager support, hardware platform, kernel features, language support,
18. Which of the following are common methods for gaining support for Linux?
Samba, Apache educational games , Quid, Pine,
19. The operating system software is necessary for a computer to function. True or False?
Samba, Apache, Quid, Pine,