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Identify the rock types

pumice.jpg, , ,
2. It is #
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granite, basalt, pumice, sandstone,
pegmatite.jpg, learning , ,
5. This type of rock is igneous and can float on water
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6. Rock like this has been prized for building and costruction for centuries. Although relatively soft it can be polished and waterproofed. It is easily carved.
gneiss, conglomerate test , sandstone, pegmatite,
7. This is a plutonic rock with very large crystals. It forms late in the cooling process.
diamond.jpg, , ,
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9. A very soft rock composed of layers of claylike, fine-grained sediments.
diamond, sandstone, basalt online quizzes , shale,
10. It is #
basalt.jpg, , ,
11. It is #
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shale, sandstone, limestone, Basalt,
13. This type of rock is igneous, shatters along clean lines and has been used for roofing in times gone by.
quartz.jpg, , ,
14. It is #
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15. This rock is an usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displays shiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by rapid cooling of lava.
granite, quartz, feldspar learning , diamond,
granite.jpg, improve results , ,
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18. It is #
punice, diamond, granite, quartz,
19. This is an extremely hard, highly refractive crystalline form of carbon that is usually colorless and is used as a gemstone
obsidian.jpg, generate answer keys , language ,
20. This is #
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diamond, graphite, basalt, obsidian,
22. It is #
shale.jpg, grading , elearning ,
23. It is #
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24. This rock is an intrusive igneous rock that has many uses in building construction and architectural design
shale, granite, conglomerite, breccia,
25. This is an extrusive igneous rock. It is the bedrock of the ocean floor and also occurs on land in extensive lava flows.
slate.jpg, , ,
26. First look closely at the picture of the rock,then read the clues given before making your choice from the pop down list. Good Luck!!
school , ,
27. This is a very hard mineral composed of silica, (SiO2), found worldwide in many different types of rocks, including sandstone and granite. Varieties of this include agate, chalcedony, chert, flint, opal, and rock crystal.
opal, slate, obsidian, sandstone,
28. This is #
sandstone.jpg, , ,
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30. It is #
marble, granite, shale, sandstone,