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1. Fossil fuels are made from
skeletons of dinosaurs, factory by products, ancient plants or animals, oil
2. A non-renewable energy source
can be plugged in and recharged quiz builder , will eventually run out, can be recycled, costs less
3. Which of these is a non-renewable energy source?
wood, wind, wave power, coal
4. The remains of dead sea creatures have made
inland seas, salt, oil, coal
5. Which of these resources is indepenent of the sun%27s energy?
natural gas, oil, coal, geothermal energy
6. Which of the following is potential energy?
light energy, sound energy, chemical energy, heat energy
7. Some people object to wind turbines because
they do not like windmills, they spoil photographic views, wind farms are not real farms , they are noisy
8. quiz Geothermal energy is
generated in special factories, generated in rocks beneath the earth%27s surface, caused by sun heating rocks, generated by heat waves
9. Nuclear fuel is
non-renewable, renewable, burnt, environmentally friendly
10. Humans get their own energy from
coal, waves help students assimilate material , food, muscles
11. Energy is measured in
Newtons, Pascals, Joules, Grams