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Taking into consideration your possible difficulties with the English language, you have 45 seconds for each question. After this time the question closes automatically and is considered incorrect. it is not possible go back. Good luck!

1. Ohmae developed a marketing strategy in the year 1982 codified as:
the strategic triangle, the four boxes, the five forces, the hexagon of success.
2. The three generic strategies of Porter are:
Context, cost and competitors, Customers, competitors and context, Focus, cost and differentiation, none
3. %22 the supply chain%22, for McGee, refers to:
all the activities leading up to the final product for the consumer, those activities undertaken by a firm, the collaboration between various firms, all the activities that lead to the consumer
4. Who did formulated on 1985 a comprehensive review of the application of %22game theory%22 to marketing situations?
Porter, McGrow Hill, McGee, Moorthy
5. In marketing strategies research, it is necessary to distinguish between information about:
means, profit and outliers, means, variances and outliers, variances, profit and outliers, none
6. Who, in 1990 indicated that actual firm relationships must be seen on a spectrum between outright competition at one end and collusion at the other.
Easton, Hakansson, Bartlett and Ghoshal, Mair
7. Who suggested that the key elements of any network are actors, activities and resources.
Easton, Hakansson, Bartlett and Ghoshal, Mair
8. What it needs to be relatively stable for strategic choices that to be formulated In the Relationship Marketing?
the market structure printable , the product technology, the product technology and market structure, none
9. stimulate your students We may need to recognize that the distinction between marketing management as tactical side of marketing a and marketing strategy:
is to take into consideration always, is not really sustainable, is insustainable, there is not
10. What are fundamental relationship success variables?
Trust, commitment, co-operation and mutual benefit, Egoism, self-confidence, idividualism, Mutual benefit and trust, Insecurity and friendlyness
11. In the past years, which business system had great impact on the competetivness of US and european countries?
Rusiian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese
12. Which theory’s major contribution was the suggestion that like business markets consumer markets might also benefit from attention to the condition that foster relational bonds?
13. What has an important impact on customer’s perceptions of, and satisfaction with, the service?
The service duration, The service encounter, The gender of personnel, The personnel’s outfit
14. Between what does the SERVQUAL gab model distinguish?
Own quality and competitor quality, Perceived quality and actual quality, Theoretical service and actual service, NONE
15. online quizzes There are two main domains of relationship marketing:
business-to-business relationships and service marketing, business-to-business relationships and co-operation, service marketing and co-operation, NONE
16. the the first step of relationship development must be:
market knowledge, identification of relationship potential, potential customers knoledge, potential buyers identification
17. In order to create service relationships, which is the central focus of marketing services?
the decrease in sales prices, customer satisfaction, customer retention , customer service
18. Which is a viable strategy in an attempt to generate and retain customers?
The development of formal ongoing relationships , The effort to create trust, The proposal for discounts and promotions, The constant presence in the media
19. With which knoledge the CRM philosophy, in the year 1984, gained interest?
customer retention is far less costly than costumer acquisition, customer retention is more costly than costumer acquisition, customer retention is equally costly than costumer acquisition, none
20. What is marketing?
a managerial orientation, a business function, a managerial orientation and a business function, NONE
21. Edwin Chamberlin and Joan Robinson’s in the 1930s introduced the concept of:
Imperfect competition, perfect competition, both, none
22. Some economists had argued that economic welfare would be maximized through perfect competition when supply an demand would be brought into equilibrium:
through the price mechanism., trough the advertising promotion mechanism., when there was no equilibrium, none
23. interactive Who built the concept of the product life cycle (PLC)?
Chamberlin, Levitt, Robinson’s, Gibbs
24. Result of the PLC (product life cycle) is quite simple, and frequently forgotten and is:
change is inevitable online quizzes , change is evitable, change is possible, change is impossible
25. When we have the Trust Marketing for Stephen King?
the sales managers change their name to marketing managers, the marketing managers change their name to sales managers assess performance , the control is seen as more important than innovation, NONE
26. Who is a Customer?
is a person who buys the product and consume it, is the person who actually consumes the product, is aperson who buys the product but doesnt necessary consume it, NONE
27. The true marketing concept of Exchange based on mutually satisfying relationships expressing:
economic satisfaction, both parties get what they want, mediation between supply and demand, NONE
28. interactive %22Relationship Marketing or RM was the ‘hot topic’ of the marketing discipline, but the rhetoricis often characterized more by elegance then by examinationof actual content%22
expressed this concept Stephen King, expressed this concept Moller and Halinen-Kaila, expressed this concept Levitt, expressed this concept Robinson%27s
29. Marketing mix at its simplest, is summarized as:
product, price, and promotion, product, price and place, product, price, place and promotion, NONE