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1. You receive a mean text message on your mobile phone. What should you do?
library, library123 quiz , L!br@ry1x5,
2. You are signing up to participate in an online forum about your favourite TV show. What should you use as your password?
Say yes and offer to meet them in a public place, Tell a trusted adult about it, Ignore the message,
3. You receive an email from someone you don’t know with the subject line ‘hello’. What should you do?
Ignore the request, Block the person educational games , Answer the call and see what they want to talk about,
4. You are instant messaging with a friend over Skype. Someone you don’t know wants to video chat with you. What should you do?
Open the email to see what the person wants, Reply to the email to tell the person you don’t know them, Delete the email,
5. You are playing an online game and someone you don’t know messages you and says you should meet up. What should you do?
Reply to the message, Save the message, Ignore the message and delete it,
6. From the options below, which is the safest password?
Your full name, A nickname, Your telephone number,