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Year 8 chem review

1. The alchemists dreamed of a Philosopher%27s Stone that would turn lead into #
atoms, protons, symbols, numbers,
2. What is the number of gold?
Carl Barron, Mendelev save time , Dinias, Pythagoras,
3. What is the ozone formula?
76, 79, 80, 16,
4. What does a group of atoms make up?Choose the most correct answer.
shells, tomatoes, sodium, petrol,
5. Atoms are made up of how many subatomic particles?
rubidium, rutherfordium, uranium, radon,
6. What is matter made up of?
S, na, NA, Na,
7. What is carbon%27s atomic number?
5, 8, 2, 3,
8. What is an atom made of?
17, 16, 23, 14,
9. The number of ---- defines the element.
diamonds, gold, uranium, platinum,
10. Which of the following is a state of matter?
elements, compounds and plasma, solid,liquid and gas, protons, neutrons and electrons,
11. Phosphorus was discovered in the process of trying to get gold from #
zinc, iron, barium, silver,
12. # has the highest atomic number?
an atom with a different number of protons and electrons, an atom with an equal number of protons and electrons, an atom with no electrons, an atom with no protons,
13. Where is the mass concentrated in the atom?
O3, O2, OeD, Oz,
14. The valence shell is #
particles, air, atoms, liquids,
15. How many %22periods%22 are there in the Periodic Table?
10, 42, 6 create online tests , 62,
16. Which element has the symbol Rf?
heat, gas, energy, atoms,
17. What is the atomic symbol for sodium?
2, 7, 9, 15,
18. What is the atomic number for chlorine?
nucleus, protons language , valency shell, electrons,
19. What is an ion?
the lowest energy shell, a sea shell, a protective coating, the highest energy shell,
20. When # hits water it ignites into flames and gases
seawater, urine, rainwater, milk,