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Factors Influencing Second Language Acquisition - FLED

Match the factors influencing second language acquisition discussed in this module with the appropriate descriptor. To play simply click on the factor influencing L2 acquisition and then its matching description. If your answer is correct, the match will disappear. You can choose to first familiarize yourself with the matching pairs to further review, or you if you are confident, you can click on solve to begin playing the game.

Extrinsic Motivation, Goals, Intrinsic Motivation, Influence of Male Language Teachers, Acculturation, Anxiety results history , Instrumental Orientation, Self-efficacy, Age class website , Interests, Encouragement, Self-determination educational games , Socioeconomic Status, Integrative Orientation, Societal Perceptions, Tolerance of Ambiguity,

Behaviors performed for personal satisfaction. educational activities , To be effective these should be specific and challenging., Influenced by social distance between L1 and L2 communities. , Topics in L2 texts are often irrelevant to students. outcome, Studying an L2 to meet and converse with speakers of L2., Feelings of uneasiness, frustration, and self-doubt , Receiving this from parents and peers leads to more motivation. , Working class often don%27t see relevance of L2 learning., Tolerance of uncertainty facilitates L2 learning., L2 learning is perceived to be more appropiate for females., Studying an L2 to get into college or to get a good job., Level of control people feel they have over events., Lateralization of brain and identity are associated with this factor., Male teachers may better address male behaviors., Judgment of ability to carry out a task successfully, Behaviors performed to receive reward such as money.,