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Linux Admin Basic Test

1. Which Linux command is used to display the current directory?
Lets clients receive their IP address and routing information from a single server. , Provides hostname, routing, log host, nameserver, and WINS information , The two programs that give you access to DHCP services are dhcpd and dhcpp , A,B ,
2. _________________________ is distributed free of charge, yet after a certain number of hours of usage or to gain certain features of the program, payment is required.
/home, /sbin, /lib, /root,
3. Which of the following is true of DHCP?
/var, /sbin, /lib, /opt,
4. How you will check the ip address in Linux?
/dev/hda, /dev/hdb, /dev/hdc, /dev/hdd,
5. Samba server cannot do:
Sets the mode for the X Window System, Tells Linux you have a VGA card, Sets the text mode for the console, None of above,
6. What is the function of Ctrl%2bD in Bash shells
ifconfig, ipconfig, netstat, ping,
7. Which machine run-level is unused by default?
Samba will start at system boot up, Samba will start when any ony tries to access it, Samba will start when the root user will logon, None of above,
8. If a CD-ROM drive is configured as a secondary slave, what is the name of the associated device file?
Samba will start automatically, Samba will start whenever root logs in, Only root will be able to start Samba crossword maker , It is the only way to start samba,
9. Which directory in the Filesystem Hierarchy stores additional software programs?
6, 4 online activities , 3, 5,
10. What operating system was UNIX designed to %22resemble somewhat%22?
Shareware, Freeware, Artistic license software, GPL license software,
11. Giving a %22vga=%22 to Linux before it boots Linux does what?
clear, finger, who, whoami,
12. Which is not a UNIX boot loader?
shutdown –r now, shutdown –r %2b4, shutdown –h %2b4, shutdown –h now,
13. You always get GUI to login, what is the run level
cd, pwd active teaching , ~ online learning games , dir,
14. The _________________________ command displays information on system users.
0007, 0077, 0777 distant learning , 7777,
15. Pazeer is planning the partition table for her new workstation. Assuming she will give each of the following directories its own partition, which partition should be the largest?
configure the dialer, configure the PPP settings, configure the pppd daemon, configure the PPTP settings,
16. What will happen with command Chkconfig –-level 35 smb on
Analogue modems, Cable modems, Win modems, PCI modems,
17. After typing the Is -a command, you notice a filename that starts with %22.%22 dot character. What does this meant.
qmail, squid english , apache, samba,
18. Which of the following is not a UNIX GUI
/usr, /lib, /root, /bin,
19. Which of the following modems cannot be used on linux systems
del -d dirname, rm -d dirname, rrm -r dirname educational activities , del -r dirname,
20. What is a Linux ISO.
Lilo, motif, Grub, win,
21. Which directory in the Filesystem Hierarchy stores the default user folder for use?
Xfree86, KDE, Motif, Gnome,
22. Which of the following commands reboots the system immediately?
Suspend a program, Show file, Log out, Login,
23. To set all of the special permissions on a certain file or directory, you can use the command chmod _________________________ name.
An Independent System Organizer for compiling Linux apps , A particular isolated section of Linux code , A downloadable file containing a CD-ROM disc image of Linux, An Incredibly Stupid Operator of Linux,
24. You have made the following entry in .bashrc while loged in as root /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start What will be the behavior of samba
It is a hidden file., It is a linked file, It is a special device file, It is an executable file,
25. If you are installing a software package from source coder the file will typically have which extension?
It is a hidden file, It is a linked file, It is a special device file online learning games , It is an executable file,
26. After typing the Is -F command, you notice a filename that ends with an * asterisk character. What does this meant.
src, .exe, stop, Jeff,
27. Which command will delete a directory
Assist in network browsing, Windows NT/2000/2003 PDC, Act as an active directory domain controller, Authenticate Windows domain logins,
28. A user is logged into the UNIX workstations what is the best way to login to root from shell prompt.
logic root, chaser root, su, root,
29. To set up a connection to your ISP via your modem, what should you do (choose all that apply):
Minix, Windows, System V, Unix,