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NT: Lesson 1: Networking Technologies

Internet Service Provider, Bottleneck, infrared, Voice Over IP (VoIP) create online quizzes , Server, Client, Back end, Legacy Model, Business Logic generate answer keys , Data, Application Service Provider (ASP), PSTN, Network Interface Card (NIC) educational games , OSI / RM, Mainframe, Front end,

spectrum of light used for communication, Provided the first practical network solution, a company providing application and services, series of systems that fulfill requests made by a client, coding needed to create relationships in a database, computer that manages network resources , information being stored, usually in a database quiz generator , Layed network model developed by ISO, circuit board allows computer to connect to network, rents access to customers on a per use or subscription , point where information is processed more slowly, an older model that may not support modern technologies, a client that acts as an interface to a collection of servers , Public Switched Telephone Network, Individual computer connected to a network, transmits voice in digital form as packets of data using IP,