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Practice Papers 1 (60 Question) - NEW

This is a paper to test your skills and knowledge, there are 60 questions and a time limit of 90 minutes like the exam, but we can not confirm if the wording of the exam will be the same as the practice paper.

1. The dental material best suited to the restoration of a class 5 cavity is
anaphylaxis, epilepsy, faint, none of the above,
2. the commonest bacterial infection detected in the mouth of an adult patient is
shortness of breath, low oxygen levels in the blood, low glucose levels in the blood, rapid pulse causing faintness,
3. The molar that has a %27 cusp of carabelli %27 is
myocardial infarction, angina, hypoxia, embolism,
4. Dental caries is -
slow pulse and rapid breathing, blue lips educational activities , muscle spasms, weak pulse and clammy complexion,
5. Dental nurses are legally enacted by the following
class I malocclusion, class III malocclusion, class II divison I malocclusion, class II division II malocclusion,
6. The supporting structure holding the tooth in the socket is -
a full conservation tray, Adams universal pliers and spring forming pliers, ligature cutters, all of the above,
7. The following can be used to wipe metal surfaces except -
all sweets are to be eaten at night, teeth must be brushed at least once a day online learning games , to expect some discomfort initially, eat sugar free gum,
8. opposing arch impressions during crown preparations are usually taken in
paper, film, paper, lead foil, film, lead foil, paper, lead foil, paper, film paper, paper, lead foil, film, paper,
9. A patient attends the surgery with the upper left incisor teeth fractured at the gingival margin, following a car accident. Which one of the following medical conditions would persuade the dentist to recommend extraction rather than root canal therapy in order to avoid bacteraemia?
overdeveloped, over-exposed, developed at too high a temperature, any of the above,
10. which of the following are not suitable as linings beneath a composite filling
all dental practices taking OPG%27s, all practices with more than one x-ray machine, all practices using radiography, only orthodontic practices,
11. Zinc phosphate cements can be used to permanently place crowns and bridges because they -
the employer only, the employer, employees and technicians, the patients, all of the above,
12. An oral-antral fistula is most likely to develop following the attempted extraction of -
reporting accidents, handling, usage, storage of chemicals adn biological materials , disposal of study models, fire extinguishers,
13. composite filling materials are mechanically adhesive after acid etching to -
mercury is used, ionising radiation is used, a cross infection policy is not available, intravenous sedation is used,
14. the legal obligations associated with injury following an accident at the dental surgery are covered by
in the sharps box, in household waste, in clinical waste bags, in the autoclave,
15. A patient who has fainted will exhibit the following
Dentists Act 1984, Health and safety at work act 1974, neither A or B, both A and B ,
16. all of the following are examples of dental impression materials except
upper second deciduious molar, lower first permanent molar, upper first permanent molar, upper second permanent molar,
17. the vitality of a tooth can be tested by the use of the following except
the alveolar bone, the periodontal ligament, the apical foramen computer assisted language learning , the dentine,
18. A radiation protection supervisor (RPS) must be appointed in -
16 and 20 respectively, 18 and 28 respectively, 10 and 32 respectively english , 20 and 32 respectively,
19. Dentine is formed by the action of
14-15 years, 9-11 years, 3-4 years, 6-7 years,
20. The dental nurses most vital role during the placement of a filling is
odontoblasts, ameloblasts, lymphocytes, erythrocytes,
21. Which of the following should a dental nurse set out for a patient attending with a removable orthodontic appliance
cancellous bone, lamina dura, periodontal ligament, apical foramen,
22. The Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) is concerned with
gingivitis periodontitis , pulpitis, thrush, dental caries,
23. A lead foil is placed inside intra oral films to
cold sores, thrush, oral ulceration, dental caries,
24. As the sole first aider at the scene of a cardiac arrest the following regime will be implemented to support life
denture sore mouth, leukoplakia, cancer interactive , all of the above,
25. A used pair of extraction forceps are best sterilised by
inflammation of the tooth structure, bacterial infection of the mineralised tissue, irreversible pulpitis, viral infection of the mineralised tissue,
26. The sequence of events when manually developing a dental film are
plaque and caries, bacteria and carbohydrate, plaque and saliva, saliva and caries,
27. Proclined upper incisors are usually a feature of -
pregnancy, puberty, mouth breathing, all of the above,
28. The correct term for cardiac arrest is -
10 parts per million, 1 part per million online activities , 0.1 parts per million, 100 parts per million,
29. which of the following are plastic materials
bacteria and viruses, fungi and bacteria, viruses, bacteria and fungi, viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi,
30. When scrubbing instruments the dental nurse should -
160 oC for 10 minutes, 134 oC for 1 hour crossword maker , 134 oC for 3 minutes, 140 oC for 30 minutes,
31. A patient known to be HIV positive should be
removing debris via scrubbing ultrasonic and washer disinfector of debris then autoclaving, soaking in hypochlorite then running under a tap and placing in the washer disinfector, autoclaving, passing through a naked flame,
32. Included in the instructions given to patients who have had a fixed appliance fitted are -
chlorhexidine, isopropyl alcohol, aldehyde solution, sodium hypochlorite,
33. A siqveland matrix band and holder is required for which procedure
hepatitis B, Polio, Tetanus, All of the above,
34. the lower permanent central incisors usually erupt at -
being discarded in the sharps bin, placed into the rubbish bin, given to the patient to dispose of themselves, placed in a special container,
35. Extracted teeth should be disposed of by
gloves, gloves masks and safety glasses, masks and hair coverings, gloves masks and hair coverings,
36. A dental infiltration type injection affects
treated as all patients are as the cross infection policy should prevent contamination, refused treatment and referred to hospital, only treated at the end of the day, only treated by staff vaccinated against HIV,
37. Sterilisation is the killing of -
wear heavy duty gloves, be vaccinated against HIV, Wear sterile gloves, wear latex free gloves,
38. The ideal concentration of fluoride added to water supplies as a preventative measure against caries is -
a gold inlay, light -cured composite, glass ionomer cement, amalgam,
39. Silver has the following uses in dentistry except
be packed with care into the cavity, have a insulting lining beneath quiz generator , be sealed with cavity varnish, all of the above,
40. The layers within a film packet in order from the machine tube are -
amalgam, composite, glass ionomer gold inlay, all of the above,
41. All staff should be vaccinated against the following
silicone, elastomer, zinc oxide eugenol, calcium hydroxide,
42. Exsisting periodontal disease can be made worse by
dentine, they are not adhesive crossword maker , enamel, both enamel and dentine,
43. A sphygmomanometer is used to
a root filling material, a component of some glass ionomers, denture construction, a component of amalgam,
44. White patches found in a patients mouth are described as
are not irritant to the pulp, are adhesive to dentine, set quickly, can be used on wet preparations,
45. the Health and safety at work act 1974 has regulations which apply to -
having the radiographs available, adequate moisture control, ensuring the appointment does not over run, mixing the correct amount of material,
46. Dentist and dental nurses should routinely wear
zinc phosphate cement, glass ionomer cement, calcium hydroxide, A and C,
47. Any waste contaminated with saliva should be placed -
a class 1 temporary restoration, a class 4 composite restoration, a class 2 amalgam restoration, a class 5 glass ionomer restoration,
48. to prevent thermal shock to the pulp all metallic fillings should
alginate, silicone putty, impression paste, opposing arch impressions are not needed,
49. The trachea is part of the upper respiratory system and transports air from the throat to the bronchi. The trachea is prevented from collapsing during breathing movements by the presence of which one of the following anatomical features?
developer, fixer wash, wash, developer, fixer, wash, developer, wash, fixer, wash, developer wash fixer,
50. Patients given penicillin when allergic to it can suffer from
reflect the xrays back into the packet, concentrate escaping xrays into a beam, absorb unused xrays prevent scatter of radiation past teh film packet, allow easy bending of the film packet,
51. Calculus formation occurs in the presence of
shining more xrays on the film, intensifying the image onto the film, concentrating the beam more accurately, stop xrays passing through the cassette,
52. A radiograph that appears black is likely to have been
COSHH, Local rules, RIDDOR, Employers liability insurance,
53. Hypoglycaemia is a medical emergency which may occur and is due to -
5 chest compressions to 1 breath, 15 breaths to 2 chest compressions, 2 breaths to 1 chest compression, 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths,
54. An autoclave has the following operatives -
check patients pulse, help the patient breathe learning , measure blood pressure, administer drugs,
55. Intensifying screens found in the radiographic cassette act by
the main nerve trunk directly, the nerve endings in the immediate area only, the teeth only within 1 cm of the needle, the full trigeminal nerve,
56. The outer layer of compact aveolar bone is called
radiographs, ethyl chloride, warmed gutta percha, electric pulp tester,
57. Erythrocytes are disc-shaped cells that contain no nucleus, so they cannot divide and replace themselves as other cells do . A constant supply is therefore made throughout life. Which one of the following anatomical structures is where this occurs?
Cartilage rings, Cilia, Elastic layer, Muscular Walls,
58. A set of local rules should be available at all practices where -
Bone Marrow, Cartilage, Liver, Lymphatic system ,
59. The total numbers of deciduious and permanent teeth are
Angina , Emphysema , Epilepsy, Valvular heart disease,