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Robotics 1 - Final Exam Practice

1. Which of the following is not an engineering notebook requirement?
write clearly online quizzes , perforated pages for easy removal, write in ink, number each page
2. Never wear _____ in the robotics lab.
closed toed shoes, work boots, sneakers, sandals
3. How many joysticks control the robot%27s drive train in Tank control?
zero, it uses the buttons, one educational games , two, three
4. The __________ step of the engineering design cycle allows designers to be creative and think outside of the box.
prototype, brainstorming, analysis, problem identification
5. Which of the following is not a main attribute of a screw:
diameter, material, color, type
6. The ____ is the brain of the robot.
battery, transmitter, chassis, controller
7. If an injury occurs in the classroom, what is the first thing you should do?
ignore it, only tell your partner, notify the teacher, run out of the classroom and tell the nurse
8. To protect yourself and others from harm in the classroom you should:
leave tools around so others can pick them up for you, fool around in the classroom, take chances in order to save time, keep your work area clean and orderly
9. _________ are used to protect your eyes.
Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Safety glasses, Contact lenses
10. A while loop is used to
execute a section of code until a condition has been met, wait a specificed amount of time, ensure that the battery has enough power, check an input repeatedly
11. The %22==%22 symbol is used to
perform an assignment with no comparison educational games , perform a comparison as well as an assignment, always evaluate an expression as true, perform a comparison with no assignment
12. When you compile a program, you are
piling program statements one after another, creating or editing %27C%27 language statements print quizzes , converting your %27C%27 language into machine language, sending the program to controller on the robot
13. tool for teachers An if-else statement is used when:
You need to do one thing, the other, or neither, You need to do one thing or both things. educational activities , You need to do both things, or neither., You need to do one thing or the other, but not both
14. active teaching The %25 means what in computer programming math?
Remainder division, Regular division, Percent, Multiplication
15. The VEX Ultrasonic Sensor is connected to:
An analog input and an interrupt port., An analog input and a digital output., a digital output and an interrupt port, The Rx1 and/or the Rx2 ports.
16. Friction is a force that always acts____.
perpendicular to the objects motion improve results , opposed to the object’s motion, in the same direction that the object is moving, downwards against the surface
17. elearning A %22syntax%22 error is when:
Your battery is completely discharged., Your program will cause the robot to malfunction., You forget to connect your controller., A program error prevents compilation.
18. An electric motor is useful because it turns electricity into:
mechanical energy quiz generator , potential energy, chemical energy, gravitational energy
19. active teaching What is an actuator?
device responsible of turn a system on or off, device responsible for providing power to a device, a type of controller, responsible for starting and stopping mechanisms of a system