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Choose the correctly spelt word from each drop down menu.

1. The # train could carry a lot of cargo.
recieve, receive, Answer_3_(optional),
2. I used a # to blow my nose.
weigh, wiegh, Answer_3_(optional),
3. My # is on holidays, so I am collecting her mail.
seize, sieze, Answer_3_(optional),
4. Her grandfather was turning # years of age.
nieghbour, neighbour, Answer_3_(optional),
5. I heard a # noise coming from the bathroom; I realised I had left my electric toothbrush on.
shreik, shriek, Answer_3_(optional),
6. The # stole the painting.
niece, neice, Answer_3_(optional),
7. I heard the # of children%27s laughter as I arrived at the birthday party.
ieghty, eighty, Answer_3_(optional),
8. # the mother nor the daughter wanted to drive all the way to Adelaide, so they caught a plane.
vein, vien, Answer_3_(optional) quiz generator ,
9. Queen Elizabeth II is the second longest # monarch in British history.
mischievous, mischeivous, Answer_3_(optional),
10. The # blessed the married couple at the end of the ceremony.
protien, protein, Answer_3_(optional),
11. This lemon tree will # a lot of fruit once it is established.
cieling, ceiling, Answer_3_(optional),
12. When the nurse took my blood, she inserted a needle into my #.
handkercheif, handkerchief, Answer_3_(optional) educational activities ,
13. The # stole the painting.
preist, priest, Answer_3_(optional),
14. With a cupcake behind his back, James was looking at me with a # grin.
weird, wierd, Answer_3_(optional),
15. I needed to # the flour to see if I had enough to make a cake.
receipt, reciept online education , Answer_3_(optional),
16. You will # a digital citizenship licence when you pass the test.
yield, yeild, Answer_3_(optional),
17. The tall man could not stand up straight in the room because the # was too low.
riegning, reigning, Answer_3_(optional),
18. My sister%27s daughter is my #.
freight, frieght, Answer_3_(optional),
19. I paid for my shopping and the cashier handed me a #.
Neither, Niether, Answer_3_(optional),
20. When playing Capture the Flag, I managed to # the flag from the opposing team.
thief, theif, Answer_3,