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Civil War Test

1. During the LIncoln-Douglas debates, Abe Lincoln spoke a lot about slavery. What was his opinion on slavery?
Abe LIncoln, Stephen Douglas, Frederick Douglass, Jefferson Davis,
2. You are a Northern factory owner living in Massachusetts. Which of the following statements would you most likely agree with?
Roger Sherman- hi Frank!, Robert E. Lee, U.S. Grant multiple choice questions , General Sherman,
3. Who won the election of 1860?
Lincoln, General U.S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson,
4. More immigrants fought for this side
John Bell, Stephen A Douglas, Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglass,
5. The first state to secede from the Union
Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia,
6. A term that describes a war between citizens of the same country
Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia,
7. Battle that produced the highest casualties during the war
Washington D.C., Antietam, Maryland build your own quiz , Montgomery, Alabama, Richmond, Virginia,
8. What race were Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln running for in 1858?
Operation Snowcone, Anaconda Plan, Join or Die, the South was the one who was doing the blockading, not the North!,
9. Which was not a cash crop in the South?
corn, cotton, rice, tobacco,
10. Maryland is a _________ state during the war
to get control of the capital, to capture Jefferson Davis, to suprise attack the South at an important battle, to get the South to surrender and end the war,
11. South Carolina is a ___________ state during the war
blockade, secession, emancipation, abolition,
12. According to the Supreme Court decision on Dred Scott, slaves were considered _______________.
border states, northern states, confederate states, western states,
13. Which person was NOT an abolitionist?
Emancipation Proclamation, Antietam Address, Gettysburg Proclamation, Gettysburg Address,
14. Which statement does NOT describe an abolitionist viewpoint?
minie ball, railroads, telegraphs, all of these are correct!,
15. What group fought in the war but was often not detected until they were injured?
African Americans, Native Americans, Women online activities , Dogs,
16. A solider from a state that seceded would be from which of the states below?
Atlanta, GA and Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA and Springfield, MO crossword maker , Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA, Atlanta, GA and Richmond, VA,
17. Tennessee was a _____________ state during the war
territories, Missouri Compromise, slave codes, Emancipation Proclamation,
18. Name of the North%27s blockade strategy on the South during the Civil War
had the best generals , had the most factories and railroads interactive learning , had the most military-ready soldiers, had the president with the most military experience,
19. What did President Lincoln do to try to limit the amount of war supplies the South could import (bring in) from Europe?
capture Washington D.C., let the North invade and hope they get tired of fighting, using slaves to dig ditches, clean, move supplies, or other %22dirty%22 work, blocking Northern ports,
20. Someone calls a soldier a Butternut. What state could he be from?
property, free with proper papers online learning games , citizens, only free if property owners,
21. Location of the Confederacy%27s capital
He supported it, He wanted to let people in new states vote and decide if they should be slave or free, He said that he did not want slavery to spread into territories or new states (really thought slavery was morally wrong, though), He never debated about slavery,
22. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the _____________
abolish (end) it, keep it in the south only, let it go into the North as well as the South, let the people in territories or new states decide if slavery should be allowed by a vote in the state,
23. If you are a Yankee, which state would you live in?
president, Senate in IL, Senate in IN, they never ran together in the same race,
24. Which was an advantage of the North going into the Civil War?
novel Uncle Tom%27s Cabin is published, Election of 1858, Election of 1860, Compromise of 1850,
25. Event after which the South seceded from the North
slave codes, Compromise of 1850, Missouri Compromise, Dred Scott supreme court case decision,
26. Stephen Douglas%27 thoughts on slavery were
California, Oregon, Maine, Texas,
27. Famous speech given by Lincoln to encourage the North to keep fighting
%22Slavery should end immediately%22, %22Slavery should not expand into territories or states, but should be allowed in the South%22, %22Slavery is a moral evil%22, %22Slavery is much worse than factory working conditions in the North%22,
28. What were two cities destroyed by Sherman%27s march to the sea?
providing them with train tickets, encouraging slaves to revolt, teaching slaves how to read and write, setting up hiding places and routes to the North,
29. What were the laws in the South called that made it harder for slaves to escape North?
Federick Douglas, Stephen Douglas, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Tubman,
30. The UGRR helped free slaves by
Antietam, Gettysburg, Savannah, Bull Run,
31. Which was NOT a strategy uesd by the South at the start of the Civil War?
That they should free their slaves, That they should join the military class page , That Northern and Southerners should help capture slaves or risk punishment, That only SOutherners had to help capture runaway slaves,
32. Name for the highest part of Southern society before the Civil War
factories and industry in the North, Southern dependence on land and cotton, abolitionist groupsin the North, all of these options are correct,
33. In 1850, if Bob is asked where he%27s from and he replies, %22Why, from the best area there is, of course- the South,%22 he is displaying a term called
education system, Congress, mostly the Senate, Congress, mostly the House,
34. As the slavery system in the South spread, so did:
popular sovereignty, secession teacher , sectionalism, nationalism,
35. Technology used heavily by the North during the war
an elderly slave in teh South, Harriet Beecher Stowe, a congressman from the South, Abraham Lincoln,
36. This term means to set free
Slavery is necessary for the economy of the South, You dislike change and don%27t think new technology is necessary, The Emancipation Proclamation, Factory workers in the North are just as poorly treated as slaves,
37. A headline found in a newspaper before the war reads %22 Supreme Court Makes Supremely Great Decision.%22 Which person would most likely agree with this newspaper headline?
Uncle Tom%27s Cabin was a book full of lies, You are happy to help catch runaway slaves , Technology like the railroad and telegraph are not necessary printable , The North does depend on the cotton of the South to keep its factories running and profitable,
38. Why was total warfare used by the North during the Civil War?
Northern , Southern, border,
39. What did the Fugitive Slave Law demand of all citizens?
Northern, Southern, border,
40. Illinois is a ____________ state during the war
Northern, Southern, border,
41. Compromises were tried to keep the balance between slave states and free states in the
New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas,
42. Who was the president for the North during the Civil War?
North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maine,
43. Who was the president for the Confederacy during the Civil War?
Virginia, Alabama, Florida, all of these are correct,
44. Who was the main commander of the Confederate forces?
Northern, Southern, border,
45. You are a plantation owner in Virginia, own many slaves, and grow cotton. Which idea/thing would you most likely NOT agree with?
Planter, plantation, Cottonocracy, Abolitionist,
46. Many of these were tried in the years leading to the Civil War, but eventually they couldn%27t do this anymore and went to war.
secession, civil war teaching , total war, compromise,
47. Contained the Fugitive Slave Law
total war, secession, emancipation, compromise,
48. A state that had slaves but stayed with the North during the war
sectionalism, abolitionist, fugitive, emancipation,
49. Which one was a successful Union commander?
North , South, border states, immigrants were not allowed to fight,