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Chapter 11

Teaches us to protect the gift of life , Jesus taught lessons through his, Another phrase for good choices , We are asked to examine our conscience before, Jesus gave us the Law of Love on ESL , Who combined the 10 Commandments into 1 create online tests , The Holy Trinity , Special devotion we pray during Lent, Teaches us to respect and honor our parents, We can use these to help us examine our conscience:, When we follow the 10 Commandments we keep God%27s, New Commandment is also called educational games , Nicholoas Greens%27 bell tower is a reminder to us of, We sin if we turn away from, Teaches us that marriage is holy, To examine our conscience we look closely at,

Stations of the Cross, going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession), the 10 Commandments and the Law of Love, the night before he died (Last Supper), 5th Commandment, Jesus, God%27s love, how our words and actions show love for God and others, words and example, God%27s gift of life. ESL , the Law of Love teacher , works in us to help us follow the Law of Love, 4th Commandment, moral choices, 6th Commandment educational activities , covenant with Moses,