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Linux Basic Test

1. What is the default port of http
0, 2, 4, 6,
2. This a “/%22 is called:
ifconfig, ipconfig, netstat, ping,
3. For which of the following architectures is Red Hat Linux available
Lets clients receive their IP address and routing information from a single server., Provides hostname, routing, log host, nameserver, and WINS information., The two programs that give you access to DHCP services are dhcpd and dhcpp, A,B,
4. Powerpoint in Officeis # in OpenOffice.
Samba will start automatically, Samba will start whenever root logs in, Only root will be able to start Samba, It is the only way to start samba,
5. _________________________ consists of an area on the hard disk for storing information that would normally reside in physical memory (RAM) if the physical memory is being used excessively.
443, 80, 321, 25,
6. Which of the following Linux packages can be used for web caching?
mysql, apache grading , freetype-devel, A,B,C,
7. Which of the following is true of DHCP?
0, 1, 2, 5,
8. What is bash?
Shareware, Freeware, Artistic license software, GPL license software,
9. Access in Office is # in OpenOffice.
Installfest, LUG, HOWTO, MANUAL,
10. Which flag to the ls command is used to list all files?
BSD, DEC, C, Solaris,
11. Excel in Office is # in OpenOffice
X Windows, Linux X, Visual Linux, Solaris,
12. Which file name extension is used for compiled object files?
Memory partition, Physical RAM, The Linux kernel, Swap Memory,
13. The core component of the GUI in Linux is referred to as ______________________ and can be obtained from the Internet.
cd, pwd, ~, dir,
14. Which Linux command is used to display the current directory?
.o, .so elearning , .Z, .sh,
15. You have made the following entry in .bashrc while loged in as root /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start What will be the behavior of samba
-a, -A, -F, –r,
16. Which of the following modems cannot be used on linux systems
Read, Write, Execute, List,
17. Linux is distributed under_______________ licenses.
bfs, ext2stimulate your students , ext3, hpfs,
18. Paint in Office is # in OpenOffice.
PCI modems, Cable modems matching excercise , Analogue modems, Win modems,
19. Word in Office is # in OpenOffice
qmail, squid, apache, samba,
20. How you will check the ip address in linux?
Samba is an Anti virus for Linux, Samba is a cross platform protocol for sharing file. , Samba check Linux file system for any error. , None of Above ,
21. What is the traditional filesystem used on Linux?
Shareware, Freeware, Artistic license, GPL,
22. Which of the following will have to install before you can compile PHP to interact with MySQL.
write,Writer,WRITER, , ,
23. _________________________ is distributed free of charge, yet after a certain number of hours of usage or to gain certain features of the program, payment is required.
calc,Calc,CALC, , ,
24. What protocol samba is used for?
impress,Impress,IMPRESS,presentation,Presentation, , ,
25. The Linux kernel was invented by
draw,Draw,DRAW, , ,
26. What permission must a user have for a directory in order to list its contents?
base,Base,BASE, , ,
27. Which machine run-level is unused by default?
Linus, Pauling Linus, Torvalds Linus, Van Pelt,
28. The UNIX operating system was rewritten in the ________________ programming language
Something you do to a watermelon, A command to delete multiple files, A network bit format, A command shell,
29. Linux documentation is provided in the form of easy-to-read instructions known as ______________ documents, which are arranged by topic and are available to anyone.
User directory, Directory, root directory, root partition,