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Idiom Match

An idiom is a silly phrase in English. The words are clues to its real meaning: the words say one thing, but the idiom means something else. Read each idiom and try to figure the hidden meaning.

let the cat out of the bag, icing on the cake, on the fence, make a mountain out of a molehill, put on airs, eat a horse active teaching , tie the knot, costs an arm and a leg, don%27t look a gift horse in the mouth, drive me up the wall, keep a straight face, get cold feet, couch potato help students assimilate material , spill the beans, in the doghouse, his bark is worse than his bite,

tell someone a secret, there is no such thing as free gifts, make a small problem into a big problem generate answer keys , not laugh even when something is funny, can%27t make up my mind, really hungry, unexpected nice thing that happened, tell what happened, get married, expensive, he is not as mean as he looks, lazy person who watches too much TV school , become frightened about something you have to do, act superior to everyone else, in trouble with someone, make me go crazy,