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Hourly Wage or Piece Rate

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Carol works at Wal-Mart %26 makes $8.50 per hour., Greg works at a vineyard %26 is paid $5 per bushel., Myra makes $75 for each house cleaned., Si is paid $15 per hour as a mechanic., Ben is paid $25 for each yard he mows., assess performance Cal is paid $10 per hour as a custodian., Hal makes $9 per hour as a cook at Wendy%27s., Mimi is paid $500 for each quilt she makes., Jim is paid $25 for each door he attaches to a car., Cindy is paid $12 per hour as a CNA., learning Annie is paid $0.25 for each dress shirt she irons., Flora is paid $25 per hour for tutoring math., Joan is paid $0.20 for each shirt she dyes., Georgia makes $13 per hour as a daycare worker., Blake makes $8.00 per hour washing dishes., Gene makes $350 for each house he pressure washes., Julie makes $10 per hour babysitting for her neighbor., Tom makes $17 for each bird house he builds., Chin earns $30 per hour cleaning computers., Koto earns $40 for each computer he fixes., Phil makes $20 per day walking a neighbor%27s dogs., Fiona earns $9 per hour house sitting., Smitty earns $15 per hour driving a bus., Larry earns $100 for every concert he plays at., Sue is a RN and makes $40 per hour., As an author, Dick earns $100 on each book sold., computer assisted language learning Sal earns $50 per hour as a zoo keeper., Hunter earns $10 for every bushel of corn he picks., Kristy is paid $26 for every file she proofs for errors., Bob earns $100 for every tax form he files as a CPA., Gloria earns $45 for every massage she gives., Gary earns $300 for every dance he sings at.,