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Sort 46 Prefixes (re-, un-)

Sort the words according to the prefix that has been added to the base word - or by the prefix that could be added to the base word. Think about what the base word is and how the prefix has changed the meaning of the base word. Take care with oddballs - words that begin with %27un%27 or %27re%27 which are not prefixes.

re-, un-, oddball, group_name4,

build, english recopy, recycle, fill, reuse, rewrite, trace, retake, view, model, remodel, able, unkind, fair, uneven, unequal, happy, unsteady, usual, unbeaten, unselfish, class web page certain, stimulate your students uncle, build your own quiz reptile, call, capture, clean, cover, plug, tangle, afraid, educational games charge,