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IBF Lesson 2: Internet Technology

1. A domain name server performs which function?
It resolves machine addresses to domain names, It resolves domain names to machine names, It resolves IP addresses to Web URLs, It resolves domain names to IP addresses
2. Fiber-optic cable or wireless media, such as radio or microwave signals, that are provided by telephone companies, cable TV services and other suppliers:
DSL, High-speed data link, T3 Line, Cable
3. A dedicated digital phone line that transmits data at 44.736 Mbps:
T1 Line, DSL, T3 Line, Cable
4. A dedicated digital phone line that transmits data at 1.544 Mbps
DSL, T1 Line, High-speed data link, T3 Line
5. A system that uses coaxial cables connected to a computer via a cable modem:
DSL, High-speed data link, Cable, T1 line
6. A high-speed direct Internet connection that uses digital phone lines and an xDSL modem:
DSL, Cable, High-speed data link, T1 line
7. The client / server model:
Finds best route for information to travel between a client and server, Divides computing tasks between client %26 server using protocols web tool , Group of computers connected within confined geographic area, Consists of two or more LANs that span a wide geographic area
8. Why was the Internet created using multiple connections among multiple hosts?
Serveral people in various places had same idea at the same time , To avoid a central point of vulnerability, So researchers in different locations could communicate, To ensure the best possible connection speeds
9. High-speed data lines that handle the bulk of data transmission and form the main network connections of the Internet are known as:
Backbones, Gateways, Packets, Routers
10. Which protocol is used specifically to send e-mail to others with an outgoing server?
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Post Office Protocol (POP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
11. The three-letter domain category at the right side of the domain name is also called:
a dotted quad, a server name, a top-level domain, a Web site host