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IBF Lesson 1: Identifying IT Job Roles

1. An individual who develops and implements plans to exploit the Internet for marketing and sales opportunities:
Help desk technician, Internet marketing manager, Server administrator, Web architect
2. An individual who manages and maintains a network infrastructure:
PC repair technician, Web site analyst, Web site designer, Network engineer
3. An individual who installs, modifies and repairs personal computer hardware components:
Help desk technician, Network engineer, PC repair technician, Web architect
4. An individual who determines the visibility of Web sites across multiple clients and search engines:
Web site analyst, SEO analyst, Web site designer, Web architect
5. teaching An individual who manages and maintains network servers:
Server administrator, SEO analyst, Help desk technician, PC repair technician
6. interactive learning An individual who is responsible for the overall plan of a Web site%27s development:
Web site designer, Web site analyst, Server administrator, Web architect
7. An individual who analyses site statistics to determine the site%27s effectiveness:
Web site analyst, SEO analyst, Web site designer, Web architect
8. An individual who is responsible for the organization and appearance of a Web site:
Web site analyst, Web site designer ESL , Web architect, Network engineer
9. Which resume format contains little formatting and is not designed to be visually impressive, but can be entered into various databases on various computer platforms?
RTF resume, Text resume, PDF resume, HTML resume
10. Which of the following best describes the role that educations plays in IT-industry careers?
Completing a basic skills training course qualifies you for all IT jobs, Most IT jobs require a bachelor%27s degree at a minimum, Most IT jobs don%27t need a degree, only professional certification, Continual study to keep your skills current because IT changes
11. Which skill is critical in most IT job roles?
Ability to configure and maintain server hardware, Ability to design and layout effective, Web pages, Ability to diagnose and resolve technical problems, Ability to communicate effectively with non-technical end users