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Fruits %26 vegetables

The words all come from your vocabulary sheet %22fruits and vegetables%22.

1. When I was a child I loved these small fruits from the # tree (6 letters).
pineapple, , ,
2. There are blue and white #. There are always many small round fruits together in a bunch (plural, 6 letters).
strawberry, , ,
3. A song which we listened to this year was: %22...and all that I can see is just another # tree...%22
pumpkins, , ,
4. On Helloween American people cut faces into # (plural, 8 letters).
cherry, , quiz ,
5. A # is long, green and slim. You often eat in a salad or as a stick in the school cafeteria (8 letters).
potatoes, help students assimilate material , ,
6. A # is small, red and has small brown spots on it which are nuts in fact. They nearly grow above the ground (10 letters)
mushrooms, , ,
7. # means Ananas.
lemon, , ,
8. In autumn we pick apples, pears and # from the trees. (This blue or purple fruit has 5 letters.)
plums, quiz generator , ,
9. Champignons are # (9 letters).
grapes, invite students , ,