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*CONTENT ONE-Colonial to Revolution

Please complete this activity until scoring at least a 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.

SPANISH colonies, BRITISH colonies, New Republic, Jeffersonian Era,

encomienda, Bacon%27s Rebellion, tool for teachers missions, St. Augustine, presidio, New England Puritans, Florida, mestizo, Pueblo Revolt, Chesapeake (Maryland and Virginia), Southwest, Poor Richard%27s Almanack, fuunding at par, assumption of state debt, Bill of Rights to Constitution, Embargo Act, Increase suffrage through the Louisiana Purchase, opening of West Point, Mr. Madison%27s War / War of 1812, Hartford Convention / Federalist protest, Monroe and Era of Good Feelings?, Missouri Compromise / 1820, John Q. Adams wrote Monroe Doctrine, Panic of 1819, print quizzes Barbary Wars, Treaty of Ghent signed in 1815, activity Bombing of Fort McHenry, Madison and Monroe served as president, Washington and Adams served as president, two term tradition begun by president, Non-Intercourse Act passed, Whiskey Rebellion surpressed,