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The System Bus

1. activity In all there are
2 buses, 4 buses, 3 buses, 5 buses
2. The bi-directional bus is the:
Data Bus, System Bus, Control Bus, Address Bus
3. The address bus is used to send
The address of the memory location to be read/written , The results of processing back to memory, The data of a particular address location to the CPU, Signals telling the CPU to read from/write to a memory location
4. The word length of the bus affects processor ______
speed, frequency, duration, weight
5. A 32-bit wide data bus will send data ________ than a 16-bit wide data bus
slower, faster, twice as fast, twice as slow
6. The Address Space is...
the number of memory locations that can be accessed by the CPU, a space where addresses are saved, the amount of data in the system, a space where data is saved
7. The Control Bus
sends the data between the ALU and main memory, sends the address of the next instruction to be executed, tells the CPU what to read and write to and from memory, tells the CPU whether to read from or write to memory
8. A 16-bit wide address bus has this number of unique addresses:
65536, 16, 16 x 8 = 128, 2