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Transmission Media

1. In MultiPoint, mouse clicks travel across what?
Ethernet, VGA, DVI, USB
2. When navigating to a webpage, what cable does the data travel across while using MultiPoint?
Ethernet, USB, RJ-11, VGA
3. A file saved from a flash drive in a VDI setup is stored where?
On the thin client, On a USB module, On a server , On the flash drive
4. web tool What is the role of a hypervisor?
Managing user credentials and access to VM%27s, Managing XenCenter to manage the number of XenServers, Managing physical resources to create VM, Making a server more user friendly
5. The keystrokes in a MultiPoint environment travel across what?
Ethernet, USB, RJ-11, VGA
6. USB modules are connected to what via USB cables?
Switches, Monitors, Servers, Patch panels
7. What device allows computers to communicate?
Routers, Servers, Ethernet cables, Switches
8. Within a VDI environment what devices reveive data from a server?
Workstations, Monitors, USB modules, Keyboards
9. Which of the items is not a type of data transmitted over USB in a Multipoint environment?
Mouse clicks, Keystrokes, Display images, Audio