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unreal past

1. She%27d rather (nie pójść) # to school
,hadn%27t eaten,, , online learning games ,
2. It%27s time you (do ) # your homework now.
,started,, , ,
3. You have received two invitations. One is for a film premiere and one is for a rock concert. Which would you rather go for?
,didn%27t say anything,, , ,
4. He acted as if he.........................the house.
, had been born,, , ,
5. You had better (see) # a lowyer
,hadn%27t been,, , ,
6. I wish the library yesterday
,not go,, , ,
7. You have recently won the lottery jackpot. Would you rather have all of the money at once, or a set amount every month?
,did,, , ,
8. Supposing she (nie była) # at home
,not go,, , ,
9. I%27d rather you............your homework before you go out
,were,, improve results , ,
10. You are an adult now. It is time you (start) # thinking about you future
,see,, , ,
11. She looks as if she (be) # ill
, ,
12. It%27s high time to drive
, ,
13. They spoke as if they...............each other for years
, ,
14. She looks as if she (not, eat) # anything for a long time
, ,
15. He talks about England as if he (be born) # there.
did, do prepare quiz , had done,
16. I%27d rather the party last night
owns, owned online quizzes , had owned,
17. You had better (not, go) # there.
go, went, had gone,
18. Your parents have offered to buy you a present. What would you rather get?
learn, learnt, had learnt activity ,
19. You need some extra money. Would you rather spend your evenings babysitting or get a paper round in the mornings?
have known, knew, had known,
20. I%27d rather you (nic nie mówił) # now.
didn%27t misbihave, don%27t misbihave, hadn%27t misbihaved,