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1. The first day of Lent is
Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunday, Good Friday
2. The last day of Lent is
Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Holy Thursday
3. Lent is the time when many Christians give to a good cause the money they do not spend on food which they stop eating. Giving away money in this way is called
fasting, good deeds, charity, offering
4. Lent is a time when many Christians give up something they enjoy eating in order to learn more about themselves and how follow Christ more closely. This is called
fasting, dieting, charity, sacrificing
5. Lent is a time for prayer. The special way to pray during Lent is with
the Lord%27s Prayer, the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the Apostle%27s Creed
6. We usually say that Lent lasts for 40 days... but if we include Sundays how long is it?
50, 46, 42, 60
7. You are in a Catholic Church. Where would you normally expect to find the pictures of the Stations of the Cross?
on the altar, on the walls, outside, near the Tabernacle
8. The first station is called %22Jesus is condemned to death%22. Who imposes the death sentence on Jesus?
Judas, King Herod, Pontius Pilate, Caesar
9. At the second Station Jesus receives something. What is it that He receives?
a drink of water, a cross to carry, a cloth to wipe his face, something to eat
10. Jesus falls three times as He carries His cross. What can we learn from this?
to be careful when we walk, that Jesus was too old to carry a cross, when we are faced with something hard to do we keep trying with God%27s help., no one cared about Jesus
11. The tenth station is %22Jesus is stripped of His clothes%22. What happens to the clothes?
The soldiers burn them., The soldiers throw them to the crowd., The women take them., The soldiers %22throw lots%22 to see who will %22win%22 them.
12. Jesus is nailed to the cross at the 11th station. Was he the only one crucified?
Yes, No, one criminal was also crucified., No, two criminals were also crucified., No one really knows.
13. When Jesus is on the cross, what does Jesus ask God to do?
Save him., Forgive the people who hurt him., Punish the people who hurt him., Take his pain away.
14. The twelfth station is %22Jesus dies on the cross%22. Which of the following words are recorded in the Bible as spoken by Jesus just before He died?
%22Remember me.%22, %22I will return.%22, %22Take care of my mother.%22, %22Father, into you hands I commend My spirit%22.
15. e-learning The thirteenth station is %22Jesus is taken down from the cross%22. Who went to Pilate and obtained permission to take Jesus%27s body and bury it?
Joseph, Jesus%27 foster father., Mary, His mother. , Joseph of Arimethea, The disciple, Peter
16. The 14th station is usually the last station. What happens?
Jesus rises from the dead., Mary see Jesus%27 risen body., Jesus is taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb., Jesus dies and the women weep.
17. A fifteenth station is sometimes added. Which station is this?
the Ressurection., the Assumption, the Ascension, Pentacost
18. What is the name of the place where Jesus was crucified?
Bethlehem, Garden of Gethsemane, Calgary, Cyrene
19. Why do Catholics pray the Stations of the Cross?
The Pope asks us to., We recall Jesus%27 suffering and death to remind us of how much Jesus loved us Jesus suffered and died, We want to know how people lived 2000 years ago., We want God to forgive our sins.