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Places to Know

Southern and Eastern Europe, Korea, Oakridge, Clarksville Base - Fort Campbell, Cuba, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Memphis, USSR and its satellite states, Midwest, Philipinnes, Guam, Puerto Rico, US and 12 Western European countries, Vietnam , Northern and Western Europe, Camp Forrest, Gulf of Tonkin, Great Plains,

part of Manhattan project - work on atomic bomb completed here, Protestant, culturally similar learning , NATO, this resolution led to increased US involvement in the Vietnam War, training site in TN and storage for nuclear weapons, US gains influence here as a result of Span American War, training site for WWII troops - in Tullahoma TN, few trees, flat, Dust Bowl occurred here, US bombed these two Japanese cities - WWII, Roman Catholic, orthodox, lived in cities, culturally different, lots of corn grown here post-WWII, Warsaw Pact, split at 38th parallel between north and south, Sun Studios and Stax Records, Bay of Pigs Invasion here, split at 17th parallel between north and south,