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Names to Know 3

Andy Hertzfeld, Jeff Bezos, WSM, Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, Lee Iacocca, William %22Bill%22 Gates online education , Elvis Presley, Paul Allen educational activities , Michael Dell create online activities , Donald Trump, STAX records, Grand Ole Opry, Sam Walton, Sam Phillips,

news reporters of Watergate Scandal online activities , revived Chrysler Motors , made his fortune in real-estate, created high volume, low prices discount stores web 2.0 , Memphis, TN - soul music, funk, jazz, blues, member of the original Macintosh (Apple) teamweb page, fast food business - McDonalds, partnered with Bill Gates - software company, software company - Microsoft, Sun Records - king of Rock n Roll, discovered by Phillips, call letters of radio station in Nashville create online tests , country music Nashville, TN, Apple Computers - entrepreneur create online quizzes , online bookstore, Sun Records - played a big role in the emergence of rock n roll, made a fortune by selling computers by phone %26 internet,