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Names to Know 2

Betty Friedan, Stokely Carmichael quiz generator , Strom Thurmond, Governor Albert Roberts, Diane Nash, MLK Jr, George Wallace, Joseph McCarthy, Harry Burn, Anne Dallas Dudley, Cordell Hull, Marcus Garvey, Jonas Salk, Margaret Sanger, Rosa Parks, Eugene %22Bull%22 Connor,

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, sit-in at lunch counters in TN for civil rights, Back to Africa movement - rights of Af. Americans - , birth control - women%27s rights print quizzes , vaccine for Polio - mid 1950s, white - SC politician - strongly against civil rights, Southern Christian Leadership conference, from TN father of United Nations - sec of state for FDR, communist hunter - McCarthyism - Cold War, called the assembly where 19th amendment was ratified, women%27s right to vote-leader of ratification process - TN, Feminine Mystique - wanted equal rights for women print quizzes , gov. of Alabama - strong segregationist, TN representative - voted for ratification - 19th, Birmingham Public Safety - allowed mistreat of blacks , helped spark the Montgomery bus boycott,