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%22ject%22 vocabulary Slider TEST MARCH 8

1. to throw out, as out of an airplane
Eject, dour, trajectory, jettison
2. a shot; the throwing of medicine
injection, profound, reject, dour
3. a word thrown into a sentence
interjection, impudent, trajectory, decreed
4. to throw goods overboard
jettison, projectile, dour, impudent
5. an object thrown into the air with great force
projectile, interjection, subject, impudent
6. a machine that throws an image onto a wall
projector, Eject, “ject” , Dejected
7. web 2.0 to throw something out
reject, impudent, Eject, dour
8. to throw oneself under someone else’s rule
subject, projectile, interjection, ominous
9. the curved path of an object thrown into space
trajectory, interjection, Eject, subject
10. sour, gloomy
dour create online activities , subject, impudent, reject
11. root word that means to throw
“ject” , ominous, subject, projectile
12. ordered
decreed, reject, projector, Eject
13. heavy; penetrating
profound matching excercise , Dejected, projectile, “ject”
14. cocky, arrogant
impudent, interjection, profound, Eject
15. threatening
ominous, impudent, “ject” , injection