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U10 Grammar

If the weather is good, , They will go to the final, , If the school invites the Professor,, The children will make tomato soup,, Osasuna will be better, , If you finish your homework, , If you are born in United States, , The professor will enijoy the meal, , I will take a present , If they bring tomatoes, , If you go to Rome, , I will visit the Eiffel Tower, educational games , If the children bring vegetables,, If you go shopping , , He will miss his bus,, If you go to the beach, ,

you will watch the TV. multiple choice questions , if I go to Jane%27s Party., if they win the semi-final., you will make a sandcastle. , he will be happy to go to the Open Day., they will make a vegetable soup., you will visit the Colliseum, they will make tomato soup. learning , If I go to Paris this weekend., we will go to the park., if he gets up late., if they bring tomatoes. quiz generator , you will be American., you will buy a shirt. teaching , if they have Cristiano Ronaldo in the team., if the soup is good.,