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6 D grade. APRIL TEST

1. SNOWMAN It was the first day of the winter holiday. It was a beautiful day. The trees were white with snow. Peter and his friend went for a walk to the yard. There was a lot of snow. Peter said: “ Let’s make a snowman, Tom!” “Oh, that’s a good idea,” Tom said. They made three big snowballs. The first snowball was very big. The second was smaller than the first one. The third was the smallest. The smallest snowball was the “head”. Then they took three sticks: one stick was a “mouth”, the two small sticks were the “eyes”. Tom had an idea. “We can make the nose out of a big carrot!” They ran home, took a big carrot and an old pot (кастрюля). The boys put the pot on the snowman’s head and made the “nose” out of the carrot. The snowman was ready. How funny it was! The friends were happy! Children from many countries like making snowmen. The world’s largest snowman was made in 2008 in the USA. In North America, typical snowmen consist of three large snowballs with some additional facial and other features. Usual accessories include branches for arms and a smiley face; a carrot can stand in for a nose. Human clothing, such as a hat or scarf, may even be included. Snowmen are usually made in a cold and/or wet environment. When it becomes warmer, snowmen usually melt. Melting is a usual end-of-life scenario for most snowmen, when they turn into water.
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2. The boys made a nose out of an old pot.
Canada, Ireland, England activity ,
3. It was the end of winter.
drives a bus, writes a book, teaches English,
4. Mrs Addam ... .
has two jobs now., isn%27t working now., is a teacher.,
5. Daria ... the exercies so she%27s ready for the lesson.
two sons., two daughters., a son and a daughter.,
6. How old is Bill? He is ... Jacky.
students., babies., football players.,
7. The boys used two small sticks to make the snowman%27s eyes.
Bill, Jacky, Jill,
8. Bettie ... very well.
younger than, older than, eight years old,
9. There are ... people in the Addam family.
four, three, five class page ,
10. How ... those woolen sweaters over there?
painting., football., video games.,
11. I visit my grannies on Sundays. Last time I went to their place ... .
happy, funny, lucky,
12. LISTENING. __________________________________________________ Listen to the recording and answer the questions. (если хотите еще раз прослушать запись, нажмите на stop и потом на play)
, ,
13. The largest snowman in the world was made in Russia.
, ,
14. Anna and Mary ... leaves in the yard after classes yesterday.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
15. TASK II. Reading. _________________________________ Read the text and answer the questions.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
16. His new ... had two daughters.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
17. What is not happening?
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
18. Tomorrow I ... to the drawing class with my sister.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
19. The Addam family lives in ... .
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
20. Once upon a time there ... a little girl.
True, False, Doesn%27t say generate answer keys ,
21. How many people are in the picture?
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
22. ... is eight.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
23. TASK III. Look at the picture and choose the correct answer. ___________________________________________________________
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
24. They were lazy and ugly and didn%27t do ... about the house.
True, False, Doesn%27t say,
25. What does Mr Addam do? He ... .
, ,
26. The man and his daughter are ...
zoo.jpg, , ,
27. There is a zoo ... the picture.
in, on, at,
28. Mr and Mrs Addam’s children are ... .
one, two, three,
29. He usually works on his computer in the afternoon, but today he ... football.
wear, is wearing, wearing,
30. Mr and Mrs Addam have ... .
boy%27s, girl%27s, boy,
31. The friends made five snowballs and the smallest was the %22head%22.
taking pictures of the zebras., looking at the zebras., talking to the woman and her son.,
warm and sunny., cloudy and rainy., colder than usual.,
33. The boy ... a read T-shirt and a cap.
sleeping., looking at the girl and her father., absolutely black.,
34. TASK IV. GRAMMAR. ____________________________________ Choose the correct answer.
five, six learning , four,
35. The weather is ...
the people are in the zoo., the woman and her son are feeding the zebras., the boy and the girl are with their parents.,
36. Peter had many friends.
, ,
37. What are you doing at the moment? - I ... flowers for Susan. She has a birthday tomorrow.
made, was making, makes,
38. One of the ponies is ...
am hanging up, hung up, hanging up,
39. Peter and Tom decided to make a snowman.
were raking , rake, raking,
40. The poor girl worked ... morning till night. Her name was Cinderella.
was picking , am picking test , pick,
41. Yesterday at 2 o%27clock I ... a sundial.
must go, must to go, must not to go,
42. Last week my American friend ... me a postcard.
can to jump and run, can jump and run, can jumping and running,
43. The Addam family is a ... family.
many are, much are, are,
44. Her mother died and her father ... again.
has just written, has not written, will write,
45. The weather is amazing now! We ... every morning and after lunch.
will going, went, will go,
46. A %22pot%22 is a something, in which we usually cook our food.
wearing, to wear, is wearing,
47. Melting is when snow becomes water.
to help, help, helping,
at Easter., on Easter., in Easter.,
49. The ... mother is in a lilaс dress.
are sunbathing, sunbathe, sunbathed,
50. She ... to the dentist, she has a toothache.
plays, is playing, played,
51. Tom had a lot of carrots at home.
writed, wrote, did write,
52. What does Harry love ... in spring?
, ,
53. Bill really likes ... .
liked, lived, laughed,
54. How many zebras are there?
met, married, made,
55. Cinderella%27s father loved her ... .
wife, sister print quizzes , aunt,
56. V. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words in the story (Выбери слово, подходящее по смыслу в истории). _________________________________________________
nothing, anything, thing,
57. Well, bye-bye, see you later, I ... now.
with, in, from,
58. I never ... my mom with the chores.
many, very much, very many,