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Switch 1 Unit 1 Questions

Do każdego pytania wybierz pasującą odpowiedź.

1. Where is Kuba from?
She%27s from Poland. online learning games , He%27s 10., No, he isn%27t., He%27s from Poland.
2. How are you today?
Fine, thanks., No, I%27m not., And you?, I don%27t know.
3. What day is it today?
It%27s 7 o%27clock., Thursday., She%27s 5., November.
4. What%27s your sister%27s name?
Marek., Maciek., Emil., Maria.
5. How old is Dawid?
She%27s ten., We%27re 10., He isn%27t 9., He%27s ten.
6. Is Ivan Russian?
Yes, we are., Yes, he is., No, they aren%27t., No, he%27s Russian.
7. Are Kevin and Emma American?
Yes, they are., Yes, she is., No, we aren%27t., No, she isn%27t.
8. Who is she?
Poland., Ewa., Marek., Monday.
9. What are your hobbies?
Football. build your own quiz , Football and computers. online education , Reading books., Watching TV.