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Caries and dental disease recap

1. If no more sugar is eaten a natural healing of the enamel takes place, what is this called
Demineralisation, Remineralisation grading , Caries, Realisation
2. Which of the below is true about gingivitis?
Gingivae become swollen %26 bleed forming a %22false pocket%22, Remineralisation, All tooth supporting structures are involved , Gingival crevice lost and becomes a ‘true pocket’
3. Which of the below is not a condition of the mouth
Xerostomia , Black hairy tongue , Lichen planus , Lichells simplex
4. Abrasion is caused by...
Aggressive toothbrushing, A scale from the dentist, Eating apples, Acid attacks
5. When should an oral cancer screening be completed?
Every 6 years, At every other examination appointment, At each examination, Every 3 years
6. If an ulcer lasts more than 3 weeks the patient should?
ask dentist for another look and they may refer for oral cancer , call 999 as it is oral cancer, start using a gel to clear the infection, ask the nurse for an oral cancer referral straight away