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Which tiles match?

Instructions are, CPU%27s today can execute up to, The processor is found on the , The CPU is online learning games , One clock pulse means, Results of processing are either shown as output or are, A lot goes on inside a CPU. Some processes include:, The System Clock, The data to be processed can come from main memory or from, The higher the clock rate, The unit of measurment of the speed of the CPU is, Synchronises everything by generating pulses regularly, CPU stands for... matching excercise , The CPU is the ________ of the computer, The CPU has a ____________ link with main memory, The processor is small thus it is known as a ,

stored in main memory or in secondary storage, 3 MIPS help students assimilate material , brain, microprocessor, one cycle elearning , a tangabile chip learning , Hz (Hertz), determines the speed of the CPU, motherboard, the more pulses are generated thus the faster the computer web 2.0 , System Clock, Central Processing Unit, input devices, needed by the CPU to be able to know what to do, bi-directional (two way), calculations, taking decisions and searching,