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Which tiles match?

CPU stands for... quiz generator , The CPU is activity , The data to be processed can come from main memory or from, Instructions are, The processor is found on the , The processor is small thus it is known as a , The CPU has a ____________ link with main memory distance learning , The unit of measurment of the speed of the CPU is, The CPU is the ________ of the computer, The higher the clock rate, Synchronises everything by generating pulses regularly, The System Clock, A lot goes on inside a CPU. Some processes include:, CPU%27s today can execute up to, One clock pulse means, Results of processing are either shown as output or are,

bi-directional (two way), input devices, brain, Hz (Hertz), needed by the CPU to be able to know what to do, System Clock, a tangabile chip, microprocessor, the more pulses are generated thus the faster the computer, 3 MIPS, one cycle, determines the speed of the CPU, Central Processing Unit, calculations, taking decisions and searching, stored in main memory or in secondary storage, motherboard,